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Nichole currently teaches privately and at the Fox River Academy of Music in Oswego, IL.  Contact the Academy for more information on Enrollment and Lesson Prices:


Nichole also teaches college students at North Central College in Naperville, IL.  Contact Nichole for more information regarding harp lessons.

Common Questions About Learning to Play the Harp

1.    Is the harp difficult to learn?

In my opinion, the harp is no more difficult to learn than any other instrument.  The rate at which you progress depends on how much time and effort you put into practicing regularly and your willingness to learn.  The wonderful thing about harp is that you will have immediate results.  The moment you learn to pluck a string, it will sound beautiful.  For other instruments (such as a violin) it may take years to develop a pleasing tone. 


2.    When is a good age to start playing the harp?

Just about any age is a good age to start the harp.  I have had students from 5 years old through senior citizen.    (For children, I would recommend that they know how to read and count before beginning lessons, since both are involved in music.) 


3.    Do I need previous music experience?

Any previous musical knowledge is always beneficial for starting any new instrument; however, it is not necessary.  The harp is similar to the piano and can be a wonderful first instrument. 


4.    Where do I find a harp?

You can choose to rent a harp or buy a harp.Some companies have a rent to own program or even just rent harps.  Also there are private harp owners who rent out their harps to students.  Please contact me if you have any questions and I will help you to find a harp.        

     Harp Companies:             

     Used Harp Links:             

     Best Places to find a harp in the Chicago Area:             

  •  Lyon and Healy:  Lever and Pedal Harps  (Located in Chicago)             

  •  Venus : Pedal Harps (Located in Chicago)            


 5.    What kind of harps are out there?

  • Lever (Folk or Celtic) harps  

  • Pedal harps

  • Ethnic Harps (Paraguayan, Chinese)

  • Cross Strung and Double Harps


6.    What kind of harp would be best for me?

The kind of harp that you should learn depends a lot on:*  Your future goals for the kind of music that you would like to play.

  • Your size/age. (Obviously, Children will need to start on a smaller instrument)

If you want to play:

  • Mainly classical music, have aspirations to be in an orchestra, or to major in harp at a university: You should play the Pedal Harp

  • Some classical, folk music, popular music, don't want to play in an orchestra or university: You should play a Lever Harp or a Pedal Harp  

For children, I recommend starting on a Lever Harp because:

  •  Lever Harps are smaller and are easier for children to play.

  • Lever harps are not as expensive as Pedal harps, so they can decide if they really like it before investing a lot of money.

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