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My first Facebook Live Concert today!! "Living Room Concert Series"

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

This week has been epic!! There was a funny meme posted on Facebook last week that said: "Just a Warning, this week begins with changing our clocks, moves to a full moon, and ends with Friday the 13th. Good luck and wash your hands!" Well little did we know how much our lives would also be disrupted by the Corona Virus with all of the cancellations, closures, and social distancing.

On Thursday, when I started getting a flood of emails and calls regarding my performances and concerts being cancelled, I jokingly asked on FB if anyone would be interested in a streaming concert from my living room? After I posted it, so many people said that they would love to watch a remote living room concert! With that, my idea of of a "Living Room Concert Series" was born!

Here is a replay of my first concert in the series. If you would enjoy watching another one of these or if you have special song request, let me know!! I would love for this concert series to be an interactive experience! What would you like to hear?

Enjoy!! Stay healthy and safe... We will get through this Corona Virus thing soon.

Here is the Set List:

Clocks (by Coldplay, Arr. Nichole Young): 4:15

Clair de Lune (C. Debussy): 7:58

First Arabesque (C. Debussy): 13:00

Fly Me to the Moon (Arr. Nichole Young): 17:38

Moondance (Van Morrison, arr, Nichole Young): 19:36

Chanter (Irish folk song): 21:54

O Danny Boy: 23:21

Nessun Dorma from Turandot: (G. Puccini, arr. Nichole Young): 26:21

What a Wonderful World: 30:11

Always With Me from "Spirited Away": 34:47

Stand By Me: 36:53


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